Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quick and Easy Baby Gift

Well hello there!

It's been a long time since I it a mid-winter funk. I've been meaning to get to some tutorials, and had the perfect opportunity to do so with a baby shower gift that I whipped up this weekend. So here goes my first try at a tutorial...

Ribbon Tag Blanket Tutorial

What you will need:

15" x 15" fabric (front)
15"x 15" fabric (back)
scraps of ribbon (each piece about 5" long) - as many as you want around the perimeter of blanket

1. Cut out a 15" x 15" piece of fabric for the front (I like flannel) and a 15" x 15" piece of fabric for the back (I like plush fleece or minky).

2. Lay the two squares on top of eachother, right sides facing.

3. Take a piece of ribbon, and fold it in half.

4. Next, line the cut edges of the ribbon up with the outside of the fabric. Sandwich the ribbon between the two layers of fabric, and pin in place.

5. Continue folding ribbons, sandwiching, and pinning all the way around the perimeter of the blanket....spaced however far apart you like. For this blanket I spaced them about every inch and a half - but eyeball it..there is no need for precision here.

6. Once you have pinned the ribbons all the way around, you're ready to sew. Sew almost all of the way around, using ~ 1/4" seam allowance. ...leaving about a 2" gap, so that you can pull the blanket right-side-out.

7. Once you have pulled the blanket right-side-out through the 2" gap, close the gap and pin into place.

8. Using a zig-zag stitch, close the gap..and continue with the zig-zag stitch all the way around the edge of the blanket.

9. Ta-Daa!!! You're done. Baby gift ready to go..all in about 30 minutes. :)

Hopefully this tutorial makes sense - I would certainly appreciate feedback if it's not so I can make adjustments...and improve future tutorials!! Thanks!!