Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Marshmallows On a Stick

These are fat-free.... or NOT!
Marshmallows on a stick...dipped in chocolate and rolled in Crushed Graham Crackers, Crushed Oreo's, or Halloween Jimmies (who named them "Jimmies?" I don't like that name).

They are pretty darn tasty, and will be for sale at T.'s Elementary School Fall Festival on Saturday (keep fingers crossed it doesn't rain).

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jump Start & Cool Art

I was inspired today. I've been meaning to get back to my very neglected blog, but just didn't have it in me, but today, TODAY I was inspired to write about this totally awesome and creative find (yes - I said "totally awesome").

I was visiting by BFF while in Florida and we decided to check out this adorable little town called Celebration. It's a beautiful place, almost too beautiful..sidewalks everywhere, friendly people, gorgeous architecture and gardens, cute shops and LOTS of yummy places to eat..even kids playing in the town center fountain. Unbelievable (and a bit Stepford, but in a good way).

Lucky for us, they had a little Farmers Market and some craft vendors set up today and we ran into this great lady who creates custom art made from photo's of architectural details found at Disney. BFF & I quickly decided that this was the answer to our months long question about what to get for a recently wedded friend..we spelled out her new last name with the photo's and voila..instant custom gift!

It was surely a lucky moment for us, and you can be lucky too, she has her site online! Check it out here:

Have fun creating your own custom art..and don't limit yourself to names - try words like LOVE, HAPPY, get the picture! :)