Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh my gosh it's Thursday!

It happened again..the week is almost over and I'm just getting around to blogging. I truly can blame it on work..I've been CRAZY busy, and I'm frantically trying to get everything in order before next week when I will be out of th eoffice in training. Geez...I really need more time in the day. I never thought I would be "one of those people" that said that, but it's true. I need it. Desperately.

I did however find time in my crazy schedule to watch Project Runway last night, and may I just say that Jillian Lewis makes the most beautiful clothes. Definitely my favorite, although Christian & Rami are both very talented as well. Can't wait for the Fashion Week show!

Today is R.'s birthday, the big 35. I made Double Fudge Chocolate Cake balls...and yes, they are balls! Woohooo...I figured it out! Let the mixture chill a little before making the balls so it's not so gooey. A-ha! Who'd-a-thunk-it? Going forward I will no longer have ugly cake blobs.

A quick funny story. T. has been learning about oceans and sea creatures all week in school, and apparently yesterday at one point the teachers started talking about cooking crabs. Ms. L asked Ms. J how she cooks crabs, and Ms. J responded that she cooks them in B-E-E-R (she spelled out beer so the kids wouldn't know). T. shouted out "She cooks them in beer!?" and all of the kids broke out in laughter. I think Ms. L & Ms. J will likely stop spelling code words around T....the super speller!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday already?

Well, I was definitely not a good blogger this week. I guess things have been pretty busy this week. T. had a cold & I was feeling a little under the weather as well, so that always slows us down a bit...back in action now though. And for those keeping count, T. is still wearing the Romo jersey every day. The routine goes a little something like this:
  1. wake up
  2. put on jersey
  3. wash at night (and explain why it is time to wash it...every time!)
  4. hang dry
  5. repeat

When will it end? His teachers at school say they are going to send a letter to the Dallas Cowboys telling them about T. and his "Cowboy Fever."

My middle sister's birthday is tomorrow...Happy Birthday A.! We celebrated today, pizza and Snickers ice cream cake...delicious...and NOT on the "lose 10 lbs. by summer" plan. But, I had some anyway...guess I'll have to take that Power Pump class after all...sigh..

I do have exciting news to report...I had my first Etsy sale!! Hooray!! Mental note...make more stuff for my shop! I did pick up some fun fabric this week, we'll see if I can make a little time for sewing tomorrow. I did finally clean off my sewing table, so at least I have the space again!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crime Scene?

No, Red Velvet Cake blobs! As you can see we attempted the recipe and while they do taste delicious, they are not pretty. The kitchen (and my hands) looked like a crime scene...which gave me lots of great ideas for next Halloween. Anyhooo..the picture is obviously pre-chocolate coating..but it really didn't make them look any better.

R. got home from Daytona last night, T. is happy to be hanging out with Daddy again. I have a TON of laundry to do...somehow even clothes that stayed in his suitcase and were never worn smell like a mix of bonfire & 5 guys in a camper for 6 days. Gross.

I picked up some new fabric on Saturday and have a few baby blankets in mind, now that R. is home I should have more time to sew..yay! I'll get them up on Etsy as soon as I get to them. I also need to clean the craft room - it looks like an explosion and I can't even see my table.

I need more time in the day!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Heart Day! (belated)

Hello! Happy Valentines...a day late.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines day, we had a quiet but fun one. R. is still out of town enjoying the warm Florida weather at the Daytona 500 , so T. & I spent a very romantical evening dining at the local grocery store...we did get some super-yummy chocolate covered strawberries for dessert...mmm.

T. had the usual classroom valentine exchange, followed by a sugar filled party..of course. I'll tell you what, Valentines are apparently serious business to 4 1/2 year olds. It took at least an hour on Wednesday night to go through the pack of Cars valentines and tattoos to determine which card/tattoo combination T. wanted each of his friends to receive.

My little sister C. is coming to town this weekend, YAY! C. just got her first sewing machine, so she is bringing it with her so she can learn how to use it. I'm excited to get her started...I know she'll have some very creative ideas.

Speaking of creative ideas..I found this recipe online and am dying to try it. Doesn't it look delicious? Red Velvet Cake balls, covered in chocolate...what could be better? Perhaps we will give this recipe a whirl sometime this weekend...perhaps!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


R. left early this morning for his "guy trip" to the Daytona 500, and poor T. misses Daddy already. He had a bit of a rough morning, so we did something fun tonight...we made cherry turnovers. For those of you who don't know, T. LOVES cherries. He had fun pressing the tips together on the folded up turnovers..but I think he enjoyed eating them the most. I snapped some pics (of course) of the are a few.
Another short post, sorry...I am off to play Candyland...again.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Favorite Baby Gift...

As promised, here's a photo of the other project I finished last weekend...

I fell in love with this adorable blanket pattern in Amy Karol's book Bend the Rules Sewing, and finally got around to making one this weekend for a baby gift. I LOVE the way it turned out, I don't think the photo does it justice...anyway, It's now what every pregnant woman I know will get from now on (or until I find another pattern that I fall in love with).

Ok, sorry for the short post, but I'm tired. Good night!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Crafty Weekend!

Weekends always go by way too fast, and usually I get nothing accomplished aside from grocery shopping and visiting my Nana. This weekend was definitely different...I did those things AND went to the fabric shop, started and finished a purse project (for myself...see pic), started and finished a baby gift (pic's being washed at the moment) AND went to the I "heart" Craft event that was put together by The Richmond Craft Mafia & the Richmond Etsy Street Team. Whew, I'm pooped! The get-together was really nice..I went WAY outside of my comfort zone and went alone, and knew that was a bit scary for me...but I am glad I went. There are so many nice crafters in Richmond, it was fun to meet some of the folks that have Etsy shops & really cute crafts that I have been admiring. For those of you with kids, I met a girl who makes monster softies that you design yourself...she does birthday parties too where kids can design their monsters that are "missing" and she takes their drawings and "finds" (makes) them and delivers them to the kids. How cool...anyway, here is her site in case you are interested..Missing Monsters. I also met a really nice girl who makes beautiful jewelry with a vintage feel, TwistStyle - I've been eying a few many cute ones to choose from.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Oh I can't wait for Spring! We were lucky enough to have a few days of nice weather (60's & 70'!) but now I'm bummed because the cold weather is back, as I knew it would be..Punxsutawney Phil was right. Anyway, 6 more weeks of winter or not, my Camellia's are starting to bloom and my tulip's are popping up through the mulch. Look how beautiful they are...I just love my Camellia's.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's a.....Blog!

Yes, yes..and this time I PROMISE to update it frequently.

I intend to share random thoughts, everyday life, craft projects and maybe even some crafty tutorials..which is the whole reason I even got into this whole blogging thing. I suppose I'm paying back to all of those crafters out there who have shared their ideas with me through their wonderful blogs.

I can't promise that I won't overload you with funny things that T. has done or just happens so frequently that I am sure I will be compelled to share!

So with that said, I simply must share this adorable picture of T. in his new Tony Romo jersey. He is in high-heaven and has worn it every moment that he has been awake since receiving it yesterday. He even directed a "photo shoot" last night, posing in different moves and then looking at the photo to make sure we didn't need to re-do it. This stuff is serious business you know.