Thursday, April 24, 2008

Come see me!

It's official..I've decided to be a vendor at the Strawberry Street Festival on May 10th, so if you're in Richmond, VA come see me! I've decided to limit myself to small items only, no purses (ok, well maybe a few). I'm in the process of making a boatload of fabric flower pins...and some cute little necklaces too. I'll get some pictures up eventually - I've been spending more time making and less time photographing lately.

I'm sharing a booth with two other Richmond crafters:

Unicorn Kids Studios - really cute earrings , art prints and other goodness
Jackson Sage - handcrafted skincare

I'm excited to get out there!! Hope for a nice day since it's an outdoor event!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


What a busy week! I had my "trunk show" last night and it went really well...yay!! It was lot's of fun and I've got some custom orders to get to work on, so that's a good thing!! I'm thinking of doing a small craft show here in Richmond, The Strawberry Street Festival. I'll keep you posted on that one - it's actually rather expensive for a booth (compared to most local shows), but I'm thinking of sharing a table with another crafter to make it less costly. I see boatloads of fabric flower pins in my future!

T. & I spent the day at Maymont, and it couldn't have been a better day for it. Usually when we go the black bears are snoozing away, but today they were playing together and it was the cutest thing ever! It was nice for T. to finally see them active. They were wrestling, standing on their hind legs, swatting & rolling around. After watching the bears we walked therough the trails of the bamboo forest until we were spit out at the entrance to his favorite part of the park (and mine), the Japanese Garden. We climbed the rocks at the waterfall, dangled our feet in the pond at the base of the waterfall, jumped the stepping stones (about a million times) and tried to catch minnows with our bare hands. It was a fantastic day. On our way out of the park he said "Mommy, I had fun today" and that made the day even better. I have lots of pictures...I'm just too lazy to upload them right now...I'll post the link sometime..

When we got home from Maymont we decided to continue our day outdoors...the Richmond Braves had a 7pm home game against the Charlotte Knights, so we headed down to the Diamond for some hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts & Dippin' Dots...oh, and we watched some baseball too. Go Braves!

Monday, April 14, 2008

More stuff for this weekend...

Hi there!!

I'm still trying to put together a few more things for my "trunk show" this weekend...I'm getting there, but definitely have some more sewing to do this week. I cut some fabric for a handbag tonight with every intention of getting started on it, but for some reason I didn't feel like sewing. So instead I made another fabric pin (my may end up being mine)..

Then, as I relaxed on the couch flipping through a Pottery Barn Kids catalog I saw this...

and thought...I can do that! So I picked out some fabric scraps, a canvas, paint & Mod Podge...and 30 minutes later....Voila!

My version was a heck of a lot cheaper! I may have to try one a little more ornate in the future.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Flower Frenzy!!!

It all started with the yoyo's...then I searched for a fabric flower tutorial and found a bunch! Two are my favorites. This cute one is from Wise Craft...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This time last year...

Spring is least for now. It was gorgeous today, 80 degrees, sunny & perfect for yard work. It isn't going to last - unfortunately, we're forecasted to be back in the 50's on Monday... I just need to remind myself that this time last year my lilacs were covered in 50's isn't that bad.
Short post, sorry..I'm unmotivated to write tonight - in fact I'm not really motivated to do anything. I did get some new books at a wonderful price...bargain books at Barnes & Noble online were buy two get one free, so I scooped up 3 James Patterson books. I think I'll start one tonight!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Momma's got a brand new bag!

Happy cold and rainy Monday!

Spring is a tease...the weather was really nice and then BAM! Cold, dreary, rain for 3 days! Aaagh - can't take it anymore!! How do people live in Seattle? I would go crazy for sure.

At least with the nasty weather I was able to get to some sewing this weekend without feeling guilty about being inside. I learned how to make fabric yo-yo's..which will make cute little pins I project, perhaps tonight.

I also made this cute purse called The Frenchy Bag - by Amy Butler. I have been eyeing the pattern for months and just never got around to it, until now! My friend B. saw the pattern and loved it too, and since she doesn't sew (yet..come on B. you can do it!) I got the little extra motivation to buy the pattern and give it a try. As always, with the first try I learned some things, so I'm ready to make #2...and that one is for B. (as soon as the fabric gets here!).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My First Softie!

I just couldn't resist making this adorable softie called "Pointy Kitty" from Wee Wonderfuls. I must say, she was a lot of work, and required some hand-sewing...of which I am not a fan. It's a great little project to use up some fabric scraps though, so I'm sure there will be more Pointy Kitties in my future (will make a good gift for the little ones I think). Tackling this did give me the confidence to try more "softies"...and T. has already requested a dinosaur, so we'll have to see what happens!