Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow fun!!

Well hello there!

We've finally been blessed with some snow here in VA! This is the first big snow that T. remembers...heck it's the first big snow I remember in a LONG time! Unfortunately T. was sick with a nasty fever and some sort of respiratory goop...but was finally able to get out and enjoy a little bit of winter's glory. He enjoyed it, but this warm weather loving kid of mine is looking forward to the 70 degree weather forecast for Saturday & Sunday. Got to love VA!

Here's the back yard...Oakley could not wait to get out there, but once I opened the door he stood there...waiting for me to go with him. Big chicken. When he finally took the plunge and stepped out the door he was hooked. Turns out he loves water of the frozen, fluffy variety just as much as good old water.

T. taking a turn on "the ramp" - built by mommy & daddy....who it turns out are bigger kids when it snows than the actual kid. T. after his plummet into the ditch..I mean "Snow Bowl" across the street.

Oakley...tunneling for heaven knows what reason. Spazz.

And finally...T. taking the last trip down the "Ice Luge Track" in the front yard.

Today most of it melted away...which is ok I guess, since it will be 75 this weekend! YAYYY!!